Simplicity, geometry and reverence for organic shapes and luxurious materials are the signature of interior designer Tinatin Kilaberidze, whose work is identified by her sensitivity for proportion, architectural scale and her appreciation for artistic integrity. With two master degrees, one from the Academy of Art in her native city Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, a city located along the ancient Silk Roads crossing from China to Europe. Her designs have a sense of the East and the West in equal measure. Each commission is imagined as a unique project informed by the architecture of the space as well as the personality and lifestyle of the client. Tinatin Kilaberidze's interiors are defined by a harmonious combination of stark angles, soft curves and the luxury of unadulterated raw materials - stone, marble, metal and wood. Bespoke furniture and lighting exhibit strength and precision yet each piece is informed by the organic qualities and proportions found in nature. This affinity for organic form is mediated by her close dialogue and collaboration with elite artists and artisans. A curated selection of works by leading designers highlights this tailored approach. Her personal furniture and lighting designs, currently being shown at Valerie Goodman Gallery, express her personal aesthetics, clean, approachable and timeless. Balance, modernity and the comfort are the basis of her design vocabulary. The ultimate purist, Tinatin Kilaberidze conceived each project as a unique work of art.